Cars are our passion which reflects in our customer service

About Us

Some of us are very fortunate to own a car, whether that is to travel to and from work, driving the children to school, getting about on the weekends. But just how well do you really know about your own car?

Some cars look great, some have useful features and great fuel economy and others are just fantastic to drive. But what goes through your mind when having to deal with annual services on your car, the MOT test each year, or worst, when your car seems to develop a problem..?
No one is expected to know everything in life, and so I completely understand above all else, that not everyone is mechanically or electronically minded, especially when it comes to their very own vehicle.

Here at Nippon Auto Engineering, we fully appreciate these anxieties people face and knowing who to trust when asking for technical advice on their cars. We are fully committed to help every type of customer, from the new drivers to the driving veterans exactly what they need to know. Every symptom to the possible solution is explained so that our customers can fully understand and acknowledge the situation. Most of all, you, the customer is our priority, not actually the cars themselves. We want to keep you safe on the road, while enjoying the luxury of what a car can do in your everyday life.

Our Commitment

  • Provide knowledgeable and sound advice and explain everything “In Plain-English” (And Japanese for that matter) when dealing with your vehicle.
  • Provide an honest and fair price on all our work while ensuring a high quality workmanship
  • We want you to feel safe in the knowledge that we are here to serve you.

Why choose Nippon Auto engineering?

As an independent and privately owned business, we are able to:

  • Offer a 12 month warranty on all our work*
  • To communicate fully with our customers in both Japanese and English Language
  • Offer personalised services for both private/ domestic and corporate business

*terms and conditions apply

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