Engine Diagnostics

Modern day vehicles are all fitted with on-board computers, which are used to not only operate a multitude of features including engine components, gearbox operation, but also to keep monitor of any defects founds within each system. Although the on-board computer can alert you to problems detected in your vehicle in general, it is especially important to get this fault diagnosed to help eliminate any defects and to prevent further problems from occurring.

At Nippon Auto Engineering, our experience with cars extend to help customers with some of the latest diagnostic equipment and testing to help customers deal with such problems. We not only check the initial fault/s but also help to test components (where possible) and further isolate the issue and report to you what we have found and what can be done to resolve the issue.

£60 +VAT

Initial diagnostic fee:
£60+VAT (for the first 2 hours), £45+VAT/hour thereafter. 

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