Rules of engagement

– General rules of engagement

  • Our company will honour and conduct our business with integrity and honesty with our customers, and we expect our customers to conduct themselves the same.
  • Customers are reminded to remove any valuables or important personal items (e.g. mobile phones, satnavs, CDs, MP3 players, money, important documentations, etc.) from the vehicle before visiting our workshop. Our company cannot take any responsibility of lost items from our customer’s vehicle whilst the vehicle is in our possession. Any items left in the vehicle will be at the customer’s own risk.
  • All work, carried out by our company will only commence after first notifying the customer and upon receiving their approval and agreement. All prices are agreed upfront and are final.
  • Any work where the car parts required exceeds the sum of £350.00+VAT, we may ask for this to be paid upfront before the work commences, this is to ensure the commitment from the customers.
  • Unless alternative agreement has been made with our company before any work commences, all final payments must be settled before any vehicle is released from the company’s premises.
  • Vehicles left on our premises after the work has been completed (unless agreed otherwise before the commencement of the work), either through the payment not being settled or the customer’s refusal to settle the payment, will be subject to a storage charge of £5 +VAT per day. This will be added to the total payment due. The storage charge is to ensure that the vehicle is kept in a secure location outside of working hours to avoid exposure to outdoor elements, and to ensure the battery is maintained in a satisfactory working standard.
  • Once the invoice becomes overdue, our company will notify the customer, either via telephone, letter or email to resolve the outstanding invoice. If the invoice remains unsettled after 2 weeks, the company reserves the right to sell the vehicle to settle the outstanding invoice. Any money remaining after the sale of the vehicle less the total invoice amount will be returned to the customer.
  • By using our services, all our customers will agree to these terms and conditions.

1 year warranty – Terms and conditions

⁃ Nippon Auto Engineering is referred in this article as “We”, “Our company”.
⁃ Patrons and individuals who the warranty relates, is referred in this article as “Customer” , “you”, “your”

1:A What is covered

  • All service and repair work carried out at Nippon Auto Engineering, with exception stated under section 1:E.
  • All workmanship carried out at Nippon Auto Engineering, with exception stated under section 1:E.
  • All parts supplied on customer’s vehicle under the work of our company, with exception stated under section 1:E.

1:B Warranty period

  • Warranty period is for the duration of 1 year (365 days) from the date of invoice to customer.

1:C Parts Warranty

  • Nippon Auto Engineering warrant parts supplied will be free of defects in material or manufacturing (exclusions set under section 1:D). This warranty covers the parts replaced or sold by our company.
  • Nippon Auto Engineering will either repair or replace any parts to put right any problems covered by our warranty. If our company had installed the parts, we shall replace or repair with no additional charge to our customer for the parts, but the customer may still be liable for the labour cost.
  • Parts replaced by Nippon Auto Engineering under warranty are covered for the remainder of the original warranty period only.

1:D Used/ 2nd hand parts

  • Customers may request for used/ 2nd hand parts to be supplied and installed by our company as a choice of repair work. Used/ 2nd hand parts will only be provided with a limited amount of warranty, which will be discussed and presented to the customer, prior to authorising and accepting the limited warranty period. All used/ 2nd hand part’s limited warranty period will differ, depending on suppliers and quality of the parts itself.

1:E Service and parts not covered under our warranty

⁃ “Wear and Tear” items are excluded from the 1 year warranty cover. This may include:

  • Brake pads and discs
  • Tyres
  • Wheel alignment and Steering adjustments
  • Bodywork and spray paint work (Customer satisfaction note provided after any bodywork carried out)
  • Windows and glass damage

⁃ Customers are welcome to supply their own parts to be installed on their vehicle, but at their own risk. Nippon Auto Engineering cannot ensure that the supplied parts are free of any defects in material, quality or manufacturing. Parts supplied by our customers will be excluded from our warranty for both parts and labour cost.

⁃ Damages due to factors outside our company’s control will not be covered. This may include:

  • Misuse of the car such as driving over kerbs, overloading, racing, dangerous and careless driving, etc.
  • Events such as collision, fire, theft, riot, etc.
  • Alteration, modification, tampering of vehicle and parts supplied.
  • Damage or surface corrosion from the environment such as acid rain, airborne fallout (chemicals, bird lime, tree sap, etc.), salt, road hazards, hail, wind, storm, lightning, floods, heavy rain and other acts of God
  • Cosmetic conditions or surface corrosion from stone chips or scratches in the paint
  • Mechanical and electrical parts and components failing or developing a defect, which is unrelated or was not initially part of the service or repair work carried out by our company.

⁃ Damage due to lack of maintenance to vehicle

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have their vehicle regularly serviced and maintained. Please refer to your car owner’s manual for recommended vehicle maintenance scheduling.
  • Improper maintenance or the use of fuel, oil or lubricants other than those recommended in the car owner’s manual

Typical car maintenance should include:

  • Regular maintenance service (Typically once a year or every 10,000-12,000 miles). Please refer to your manufacturer’s service schedule.
  • Wheel alignments and tyre rotation

⁃ Extra expenses and damages
Nippon Auto Engineering will not reimburse for any financial loss or other damages. This may include

  • Lodging/ hotel fees
  • Car rentals
  • Travel costs
  • Loss of earnings

Diagnostics – Terms and conditions

  • The minimum cost for a diagnostic fault-finding process will be £60+VAT (up to the first 2 hours), regardless of if we manage to find and isolate the fault within that time.
  • Although we welcome customers to report to us the initial fault and any 3rd party diagnostic reports beforehand, we will always conduct the diagnostic process from the very beginning. This is to help ensure we understand as much as possible what kind of problem we are dealing with through our own computer system, and to avoid missing any crucial information that can undermine our work.
  • Certain faults particularly the security systems (Alarms and immobilisers) may only be available to be repaired by the main dealers. This is due to security measure in place and are only accessible by them. In an event you instruct us to investigate a fault with regards to a security system, please be aware we may not be able to assist you 100% due to these restrictions. We will advise all customer on initial consultations should this become apparent, but once diagnostic work has commenced here, customers will be charged for the initial diagnostic fee (£60+VAT).
  • Our diagnostic equipment and software are only to be used by our staff and is not for rental purpose or purchases.
  • By using this service, all our customers will agree to these terms and conditions.
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